Perspective is everything!

Perspective helps to explain intent vs. impact when conversations or interactions turn sour.  We live in a world that includes conflict and misunderstanding.  Often these misunderstandings occur when we least expect.   Frequently, understanding the “intent” behind the misconception can diffuse conflict.

Be curious. 

When you find that you have unintentionally hurt or harmed someone, don’t be quick to defend yourself.  Remember perspective – you naturally will see the situation differently – we are all unique and come with unique life experiences.  Acknowledge the unintentional harm and apologize for it.   And, if you really want to promote connection, you will declare you will try not to do that again! 

Take a moment to conduct the exercise below that explores the concept of perspective.

Stacie L. Walton MD, MPH, recently retired from Kaiser Permanente as a clinical Pediatrician serving in the roles of both Diversity Champion and Communication Consultant. She served as a medical consultant in diversity issues for healthcare providers and institutions for over 25 years.

Currently, her cultural competency themes highlight the impact of implicit bias and privilege in patient interactions and health outcomes, as well as, how effective patient-provider communication requires both competences and humility.