Tap Into Your Humanity!

As a result of my enthusiastic and attention-grabbing Keynotes and Trainings, licensed health care professionals and administrators gain strategies to decrease their unconscious biases which can be put into action immediately.

As a result of my experiential and interactive workshops, individuals and organizations can use the strategies that support communication with patients that becomes more efficient, equitable, empathetic, and effective.

Patient satisfaction and compliance increases while provider efficacy and well-being elevates.

I am looking for healthcare organizations that value quality in care, diverse and inclusive organizational culture, and professional excellence.

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And in response to the unique global pandemic and social movements mounting in the US and abroad, I have expanded my work to include a focus on race relations for anyone seeking this support.

As a result of my Racial Healing workshops, individuals and organizations develop the foundational principles and build resilience to make “good trouble” and make “anti-racist” choices in their everyday lives.

Who do you know?