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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

March 7, 2020 : Kaiser Permanente African American Professional Association’s annual Women’s Conference Speaker and Panelist: Topic TBD

January 25, 2020 : UCSF Pre-Med Conference- Tech & Innovation in Medicine. Implicit Bias and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: What is our responsibility as healthcare professionals?

Recent Speaking Engagements

November 2, 2019: Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research (SIETAR) USA conference, Atlanta, GA: Workshop to : Promote Courageous Conversations about Race in a community or workplace using a Racial Healing Circle

November 1, 2019: SIETAR: “NedTalk”: Strategies for Recognizing and Reducing Unconscious Bias

August 24, 2019: Co-facilitating Workshop Systemic Racism on Elk Grove, CA

July 20, 2019: Co-facilitating Workshop on Personal Racism, Elk Grove, CA

June 9, 2019: Representing “Coming to the Table”; facilitated a Courageous Conversation supporting Racial Healing following the film screenings “Long Time Coming: A 1955 Baseball Story at the Vero Beach Wine and Film Festival in Vero Beach, FL.

May 3, 2019: 9th Annual Black Physician’s Forum: UC Davis, CA Medical School: Panelist on Implicit Bias in Healthcare

April 16, 2019: The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, Minneapolis, MN: The Toxicity of Patient Bias: Fostering Inclusion When Patients Don’t Share Our Values

March 4, 2019: California Northstate University Diversity and Inclusion Committee: Strategies for Developing a Culturally Competent Mindset in Healthcare

January 17, 2019: Rockin 50+ Community Seminar Series, Elk Grove: Rockin’ Your Doctor Visit in 2019

November 6, 2018: Gifted and Talented Program, Denver Public Schools: Recognizing and Eliminating Implicit Bias in the Classroom ( Head, Heart, and Feet)

October 11, 2018: Emeryville Public Schools: Recognizing and Eliminating Implicit Bias in the Classroom