6 months

Something magical happens when you welcome a dog into your life. Suddenly, dogs become prolific in your neighborhood. Neighbors appear like strangers in the night. There are a lot more neighbors, too. New dogs appear from behind fences and in the middle of parted curtains. Quiet people with historically averted eyes and silence, boldly ask you the most intimate questions.

What is your dog’s name? Is he a mastiff? A Dalmation? no, ahhh, a Great Dane right? I answer, yes, she is a Great Dane puppy not quite half her expected size. She’s big. Yes, she’s big.

The other thing that starts to happen is you begin to bump into these strangers everywhere you go. You see them at the city park, the dog park, the kiddie park, the secret park, and the park. You realize that you used to have a life that took you to the grocery store, the department store, the mall, the library, the new hip restaurant and now, you can be found at the park. You can be found walking to the park, running in the park, and walking home from the park, and throwing a ball using a plastic arm extension in the park. You are blessed if your city or town offers parks. You can find yourself planning trips and getting yelp recommendations for regional parks.

I love my new lifestyle with Jade…romping around in the parks.

10 month old Jade at William Land Park Sacramento

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