5 Day Culturally Competent Mindset Challenge

Starting January 17th, we will begin our 5 Day Culturally Competent Mindset Growth Challenge.  I will be going live for 5 days up to the Martin Luther King, Jr Holiday with a brief activity that will propel you forward in 2019 towards more cultural awareness, capacity for growth, and stronger cross-cultural relationships. Please follow me on my facebook page Culturally Competent Mindset



cultural competence is a journey not and endpoint

Decisions and Insta-whatevers

I dragged my daughter, a college coed math major and musical theater aficionado to a workshop about creating your ideal life. I had mine- a successful Pediatrician with wonderful colleagues and amazing patients and their families-nearing the end of my career. I had always imagined working into my 80s, older but sprite. But honestly, I recently had joined many of my fellow doctors, dreaming about and counting down to retirement. Let’s face it; the culture of medicine has changed and assembly-line medicine has taken over. It had become harder to “love” the work.

As we sat in the lively workshop, my daughter wrote copious notes on her cellphone. Actually, they were texts and tweets and insta whatevers in rapid fire. I found myself frantically capturing the speakers every word in my journal. This journal would soon become my constant companion. The workshop offered a camp retreat in the Smoky Mountains for relaxation and restoration later in the summer. I turned to my daughter to ask if she’d like to go to camp, she frowned and then declared quite smugly, ” MOM, just go sign up. You know you’re dying to go to camp!” And that was the beginning of this amazing journey that has brought me to this moment. 18 months after the workshop, I am re-creating my ideal life. Instead of picking up a stethoscope and heading into the clinic to work on Christmas Eve ( like several of my professional friends), I am updating my website and listening to a podcast on how to create the ideal funnel.